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Only the one who has a clearly defined goal and an irresistible desire to achieve it wins.

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Business training at Remedium Europa

We understand that companies and corporations are not identical and have different needs and requirements. We make every effort to meet this goal. With each of our business partners, we build a relationship that leads to success.

We are specialists and our experience teaches us that before starting cooperation, you should get to know your new business partner well. To achieve this, we meet with you to your expectations.

Then we prepare a cooperation program, appoint a project coordinator and start training. In the case of strictly language training, we offer an earlier audit (in the form of written and oral tests) to check the language level of the students.

Thanks to this, we can assign students to groups and levels that are optimal for them, we select appropriate trainers (native speakers or bilinguals, depending on your preferences).

We care about the effects of our cooperation. We regularly monitor the progress of students and modify the program so that it best meets both sides goals.

We also offer:

Language audit

At your request, we verify the level of language competence of future students and examine training needs in terms of better skills development and language communication.

What makes us stand out? 

We are professionals, based on our knowledge and experience we can modify the program of courses so that they bring optimal results.

How and who?

We create an international team of experienced language trainers, native speakers, bilingual trainers – people who share a passion and desire to popularize the language, as well as the culture and customs of the selected country.


Write to us and we will send you an assessment language test.


We conduct training in accordance with the arrangements and expectations presented to us. We implement the assumed goals and monitor the progress of the students. To achieve this, we use resources tailored to the needs of the students.


We make sure that our students achieve noticeable progress. We are primarily interested in practical foreign language and we place emphasis on useful learning techniques. For each training, we select a project leader who cares about the quality of the training and direct contact with the client. We conduct surveys and provide feedback to coaches. In addition, language trainers maintain e-mail contact with students, class summaries and periodic e-mails regarding progress. On request, we issue a certificate of completion of the training level.

Language competences

In the program of each course, we take care of the development of the most important language competence (speaking, writing, reading, listening), but we put special emphasis on conversation! There is nothing more important than being agile and to open up in communication. That is why we do everything to ensure that the student gains confidence after the first class. We also invite you for special classes devoted to the culture and customs of the country where the language is taught. For people who are not satisfied with just a conversation, we also offer special translation classes (methods of text translation).

Work methodology

We focus on methods with the highest proven effectiveness – i.e. direct methods that engage students in active participation in the discussion. To this end, we conduct debates, act out scenarios, build fluency and linguistic freedom, and give the possibility of self-presentation. Our trainers also use multimedia techniques and make sure that each student has an impact on the topic of the classes.

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!