Qualified 23-person RE staff

Konrad Cywka

Director of Remedium Europa

Native German speaker, German translator (simultaneous and consecutive interpretation). Winner of many international awards for his contribution to European cooperation. Longstanding cooperation with the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Cooperation with more than 45 companies and training for more than 2500 German language students in each level.

Editor-in-chief of the Marylomania website – The website of Marilyn Rodowicz’s work

The companies: Team Technik, BP, Edisonda, Nowy Styl Group, Hitachi, UBS, META, State Street, IBM, Natek, U2I, Farmina, Museum of the City of Krakow, Galicia Museum, Oknoplast, Opitz-Consulting, Heineken, Lufthansa and many others.

Skills: teamwork, business relationship management, international cooperation, project coordination, foreign language teaching.

Małgorzata Zwierzyniecka 

Demanding German language trainer.

Demanding German language trainer. Combines passion and reliability, diversity and motivation. Adored by children, teenagers, and adults alike. Knows perfectly well how to unlock the potential of the student and make them speak.

Skills: observance, sensitivity, expertise, and creativity.

Simon Byrne

Native English speaker from UK

Simon is from the UK. but has lived in Poland for the past  five years teaching ESL. He has a TEFL certificate. He has experience working with business people and enjoys teaching business English, general English, and preparing people for interviews.
He understands the challenges of learning another language. He is a good conversationalist and enjoys biking, hiking and reading. He is ready to help you meet your goal of improving your English

Skills: business and professional conversation, student motivation

Jakub Altman

Native speaker of German

Certified translator of the German language. He has many years of experience as a German language trainer. He conducts professional classes in German language, culture and business. He is demanding and straight-forward.

Skills: accuracy, conscientiousness, professionalism, diligence.

Agnieszka Szefner

Certified French language trainer

She lived in France for many years. She focuses on language and business conversation. She is a very demanding person, liked by the students for her professionalism and reliability.

Skills: Analytical thinking, teamwork.

Monika Dąbrowska

General language trainer, specializes in teaching children from 10 years of age

Monika has been a real enthusiast of the German language for many years. Especially committed to working with children. She loves music, good cuisine and traveling.

Skills: creativity, working with children, perceptiveness

Jack Bowers

Native teacher of English (British accent)

Jack comes from the United Kingdom. Poland inspired him to be a language coach. Boasting admirable soft skills, Jack specialises in all types of conversations including business English and everyday English. He loves travelling, getting to know other cultures as well as being a keen follower of sport. He is also TEFL-certified.

Skills: ease of establishing business contacts, conducting conversations, precision, patience, making the student feel at ease.

Małgorzata Mróz

Certified French language trainer

She has many years in France. She mainly conducts language conversations and loves traveling in his free tim.

Skills: precision, ease of making contacts

Juan Sarabia

Native speaker of Spanish

He was born in Mexico and has lived Poland for two years. Likes to teach Spanish conversation classes. Loves to cook and travel. Has his own music club in Krakow.

Skills: good student motivation, reliability, creativity, passion.

Anna Borkowska

English language trainer and translator

Many years of experience in teaching business clients. She likes to motivate her students, inventing various games and makes lessons fun

Skills: accuracy, precision, punctuality.

Milan Goldas

Native speaker of English

Born in the USA, Milan has been living in Poland for four years. He conducts very good classes in English conversation, business and business correspondence, he also loves working with children. In his free time, he likes to travel, especially by motorcycle.

Skills: creativity, sense of humour, can infect with his passion.

Anna Merunowicz

English language coach and translator

A professional English language coach and translator. She radiates passion, creativity, and ingenuity. Additionally, she is knowledgeable in yoga, which positively influences her relationships with students and adds variety to her classes.

Skills: Teamwork, creativity, and continuous professional development. An outstanding language instructor.

Jerzy Charkiewicz 

Polish teacher

He teaches Polish to foreigners with pleasure as well as teaching  English.  Or this as the original does not sound correct – He is happy to teach foreigners Polish and English.
Hobbies include jazz and classical music, as well as playing jazz on the guitar. In his spare time, he also likes to play chess.

Skills: creativity, professionalism, teamwork

Adam Romek

Marketing & Promotions

He deals with marketing via social media and for Remedium Europa. Creates advertising campaigns, strategies and all communication for brands in Social Media. Loves to travel and spend time actively

Skills: creativity, communication and lots of fresh ideas.

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!