Konrad Cywka

Konrad Cywka

Konrad returned to Poland from Germany over 20 years ago to take up a job as a language trainer (native German speaker).

He’s the winner of many international awards, including Primus Inter Pares, Best Teacher, Eagles of Education and many others.

Previously, he cooperated, among others, with the European Parliament as a coordinator of European projects. Currently he is the CEO of Remedium Europa.

Cooperation with brands – the role of a language coach, a native speaker.

In 1999, Konrad returned to Poland to become one of the best language trainers in Europe. He started cooperating with such brands as: Shell, BP, Nowa Era, Lufthansa, Heineken, Nowy Styl Group, Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, State Street, IBM, Hitachi, Lufthansa, Gegenbauer, Edisonda, Gegenbauer, Team Technik and many more.

He has cooperated with over 50 international companies and over 2000 satisfied students. He appreciates reliability, truth, creativity and a constant desire to motivate himself, his trainees, his progress as well as his passion to infect his travel experiences and inspirations.

Marylomania Project

For over 20 years he has also been the editor-in-chief of Maryla Rodowicz’s website – Thanks to this, he has established cooperation with many cultural institutions throughout the industry. He has also been a correspondent of music festivals in Poland and abroad for over 20 years. He is the author of Maryla Rodowicz’s limited edition album “Traeum Deinen Traum”, containing the greatest hits of the singer in German.

Culture & Business

Passion for culture and business science – resulted in building Remedium Europa. Remedium is also the title of the song “Get on a train of any kind”, to which Konrad wrote the third verse.

In the last biographical book of Maryla Rodowicz “Maryla – There’s Only One Queen” there was a whole chapter devoted to Konrad, his message, ideas and the company, Remedium Europa.

Konrad Cywka and Remedium Europa today

Konrad is constantly moving forward, so is Remedium Europa.

That is why today the main idea of Remedium Europa combines the philosophy of travelling, exploring the world, learning the language and European cooperation – as a golden mean in business, international and cultural communication.

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!