Language training in german

1 Deutsch fur Buro / German for office and business

Do you run your own business? Do you work in an office or do you want to go abroad for work? Or maybe you would like to improve your qualifications?

This is just the course for you. It will give you language skills in customer service, commercial and business correspondence, business culture as well as in negotiations.

We offer exceptional training including:

  • Classes with a professional and experienced native speaker
  • Specialised training for people working in German companies
  • Practical exercises in commercial and business correspondence
  • Business culture training
  • Internet activities
  • Improving skills and training in German-speaking customer service
  • The use and history of the German business language – Wirtschaftsdeutsch
  • A motivating learning system with a level adjustment to the client’s skills/needs

2. Deutsch nur konversationen / German in conversations

The ability to speak German will allow you to broaden your competence at work as well as in many other situations.

Through conversation you will be able to establish new contacts as well as refer and present your knowledge internationally. By acquiring language skills, you become more attractive on the labour market – the market always requires foreign contacts. It is worth noting that the German language is gaining in importance and getting to grips with it will allow you to talk in almost every country in the world without any problems.

Szkolenie prowadzone przez RE obejmuje:

  • zajęcia z profesjonalnym i doświadczonym native speakerem
  • rozmowy na żywo – “Rollenspiele” und “Rollendialoge”
  • przygotowanie do prowadzenia konferencji, prezentacji, debat oraz dyskusji
  • trening językowy na przykładach życiowych sytuacji
  • motywujący system nauczania

3. Deutsch fur beginner A1 / German for beginners

Want to learn German from scratch? Understand the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar based on practical exercises prepared by our trainers and native speakers? If you would like to learn how to speak German quickly and effectively then please contact us.

Each of our courses include:

  • Professional native speaker classes
  • Practical exercises under the supervision of the training coordinator
  • A variety of teaching materials
  • The guarantee of the effects and quality of the knowledge transferred
  • A motivating learning system
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress
  • A certificate upon completion of training

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!