Poland, To Go

# Our new project

Ty to masz szczęście,
że w tym momencie
Żyć ci przyszło
W kraju nad Wisłą…

Twój kraj szczęśliwy
Piękny, prawdziwy
Ludzie uczynni
W sercach niewinni…

– Grzegorz Tomczak

Can you imagine that Poland, or even better, the best of Poland will come to you? Impossible…? Now it’s possible. We are an international team, whose members were brought up abroad to return to Poland after years. Many times, we searched for elements of Polishness in other places in the world to nurture memory, customs and to feel at home. Therefore, as a dynamic team that is looking for new challenges and opportunities, we would like to visit you and offer this very element of Polishness far away from Poland, to create a place for it, where it had been lacking before. From our side, we are developing a new project, which we call “Poland, to go”. We can do everything that we wish. Among other things, we have planned special presentations, seminars and lectures on topics related to Poland. We also offer meetings under the patronage of Polish stars. Moreover, we are ready to undertake the organisation of all kinds of events according to your wishes and interests.

Persons and institutions who would like to establish international cooperation with us or join the development and implementation of the project “Poland, to go” are welcome to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Remedium Europa Team

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!