Sprachtraining in Polnisch


Remedium Europa is an International European Training and Cooperation institution and is happy to offer its expertise in Polish for Foreigners.

Our tried and tested system is based on many years of cumulative experience shared between our trainers.

We pride ourselves in setting up our clients for success in Polish business. We are sure that you will leave our session more prepared than you have ever been before than with any other language training school.

Our staff members are highly qualified language trainers (native and bilingual speakers); young people with experience and interesting personalities. We are flexible, creative and full of enthusiasm.


  • innovative language training
  • business conversation
  • specialized language training (in banking, finance and marketing)
  • training for commercial correspondence and telephone calls
  • training for management
  • free meetings with European culture in Kazimierz in Krakow


  • Small talk and rapport
  • Conversation preparation and practice
  • Pronunciation and clear communication
  • Presentation skills


  • Introductions & making a strong first impression / communication skills and pronunciation assessments
  • Vocabulary training techniques / conversation preparation techniques
  • Creating rapport: The art of Polish small talk / pronunciation training
  • Grammar overview
  • Conversation skills practice – talking about your company and industry
  • Presentation skills practice
  • Pronunciation review / networking and practicing small talk
  • Grammar review / meeting your goals / the continuing learning process

We will be highly elated to meet discerning clients like you, because you are the reason why we are working tirelessly every day.

We invite you to come learn with us!

Wir konzentrieren uns auf Erfolg, Fortschritt und Zusammenarbeit!