Text translations

Specialized translation offer!

„How many difficulties and misunderstandings could be avoided and how much time could be saved by putting matters in the trusted hands of the interpreter.”

– Friedrich von Gentz

A professional translator is one who can serve a client at any level and in any situation. To meet the requirements of all our clients, our company offers professional translation and interpreting services.

Written translations

The price of written translation depends on the type of language, the direction of translation (into a foreign language or into Polish), and the date of service provision. At the moment, we provide written translations from English, German and Russian.

The basis for determining the price of a written translation is per page (1,800 characters with spaces) text.

An additional fee is charged for specialist translations. In order to get a quote for a translation, please contact us at

or on our hotline 0507 77 03 77

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