Specialized translation offer!


A professional translator is one who can serve a client at any level and in any situation. To meet the requirements of all our clients, our company offers professional translation and interpreting services.

Depending on the needs of a given client, we are able to provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

Consecutive interpreting:

Consists of the interpreter listening to a fragment of a text and then translating it. This type of interpreting is mainly used during official ceremonies. It is very important for the interpreter to focus and be fully professional, which is what we guarantee.

Simultaneous interpreting:

Consists of the simultaneous speech of the speaker and the interpreter. They are used at international meetings, conferences, fairs and lectures. The client’s satisfaction during such interpreting is only possible thanks to the interpreter’s proper preparation and previous experience.

– Your interpreting services will be provided by a professional and experienced interpreter

– Fast quote and translation order

– The quote is free and without obligation

Our team are people with passion, who approach each client individually and carefully perform their work. The passion and experience gained, confirmed by many recommendations, put our company in a very high position among professional translators.

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!