Europäische Zusammenarbeit

Europa braucht innovative Ideen und Lösungen

Nim pomyślisz Europo
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– zechciej dojrzeć
– zechciej zważyć
o tej samej porze
widujemy się ze Słońcem
bo ja jestem nie od dziś
przecież częścią Twojej twarzy

Andrzej Poniedzielski, Moja Europo

European cooperation

Europe needs innovative ideas and solutions. It needs people who open up new horizons with their actions and commitment.

Remedium Europa is an international team of people with a strong focus on developing European cooperation.

-For years we have been cooperating with European Institutions, Foundations and Companies (European Parliament, German Consulate General, Historical Museum of the City of Krakow and many others). We organise and support European projects and cultural events.

– We are a partner of FEG (Förder- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Uecker-Region mbH).

– We also work with the Uecker Regional Cooperation Society in Pasewalk, Mecklenburg, Germany.

For 22 years, the Association for the Cooperation and Development of the Uecker Region has been supporting the Szczecinski Lagoon region economically. The Uecker region is a German economic region, engaged in cooperation with Polish companies. The FEG acts as a partner in this region and deals with information, assistance, support and business management.

We invite companies, institutions and all those who are looking for business and cultural partners and want to participate in building European and international communication to cooperate with us.

Wir konzentrieren uns auf Erfolg, Fortschritt und Zusammenarbeit!