In the glow of the summer sun, the groundbreaking “Sommercamp 2023” took place, the first of its kind in the history of Remedium Europa. During this exceptional time, we not only expanded our language skills but also built unforgettable experiences and strengthened the bonds between us. Our days were filled with endless energy, and success was our theme – as Erfolg. We motivated each other, leading trainings to overcome language barriers and explore new horizons.

There was also plenty of time for playing together, crazy dances, and joyful singing. During the evening gathering, the sounds of the German-Polish version of the song “Remedium” echoed – the song we sang with passion and conviction, believing that sometimes it’s worth daring to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Because it’s worth it… Remedium Europa Sommercamp 2023 is not only an opportunity to learn and improve German language skills but above all to build connections and create unforgettable memories. It was a journey of discovering new cultures and exploring our own possibilities. Thank you all for participating, and we warmly invite you to the next unforgettable meeting.

Konrad and the RE Team

We focus on success, progress and cooperation!